Professional Facials


A variety of facials  provide many health benefits. Anti-oxidant facials contain free-radical fighting nutrients such as Vitamins A and E, which remove pollutants from the body. Collagen facials use warm vapor, deep pore cleansing, and lymphatic draining massages, which prevents wrinkles, reducing dark circles and ridding the body of environmental toxins.

Services include:

FACIAL EXPRESS. This is an amazing cleaning via scrub, mask, and nutrition treatment with organic-certified products.

DEEP SPA FACIAL which is a fantastic skin care that includes cleansing, steame station, detoxification, scrub, mask, high frequency for the barriers of dead skin cells, closing the pores, in addition to light upper arms and neck massage with organic-certified products.

REJUVENATION FACIAL which is a luxurious skin care treatment that includes deep facial and fine attention to specific wrinkles of the eyes, lips, and other areas with application of collagen easting and serum C.

ADVANCE FACIAL TECHNOLOGY which includes macrodermabrasion, peelings, enzymatic and ultrasound facial treatment.

Hay una variedad de tratamientos faciales que pueden proporcionar muchos beneficios de salud. Antioxidantes faciales contienen radicales libres nutrientes que combaten como las vitaminas A y E, que ayudan a eliminar los contaminantes del cuerpo. Tratamientos faciales de colágeno utilizar vapor caliente, limpieza profunda de los poros y masajes linfáticos drenantes, que benefician la piel previniendo las arrugas, reducir las ojeras y liberar al cuerpo de toxinas ambientales.